Oddball Club – Best Play To Earn Game

Oddball Club – Best Play To Earn Game

Oddball Club is a collection consisting of 8,888 unique digital collectibles with over 200 traits that live in the Ethereum blockchain. Each oddball will be 0.0275 ETH and only 20 per transaction is allowed. 100 oddballs are set aside for giveaways to the community and to those who helped us along the way.

Oddballs are a token of access to future project ventures including our specially designed online video game. Community perks, special giveaways, and charities can be accessed through the progression of the roadmap. We are going to enhance your basketball experience one shot at a time.

Development of Video Game.

This video game will implement a user’s Oddball and allow them to complete basketball related tasks.

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Oddball Club – Best Play To Earn Game

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