MythCity – Best Play To Earn Game

MythCity – Best Play To Earn Game

MythCity is more than just a PVP DAPP, we also offer some utility NFT’s which can be customized, outfitted, upgraded, and ultimately used. These tokens can be used to increase the stats of other tokens or can be used to farm reward tokens from the ecosystem. It will be free to use the tokens to farm rewards.

“P2E” has become an umbrella term for any game where players can play to earn rewards in the crypto space. We use the term loosely. Our version of a “P2E” game is a little healthier, in that it doesn’t solely depend on new players risking and losing all their money for the ecosystem to stay afloat.

The active lobbies are the ones created by other players. You can click the “Join Button” if there is one to join someone’s match. It’ll prompt you to sign a transaction, then just sit back and wait! The game will start shortly.

Simply press “Create New Lobby”, set your parameters, and sign the transaction for it. It will then create a game under “Your Games”, but other people see it under “active lobbies”.

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MythCity – Best Play To Earn Game

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