Battle Craft- Best Blockchain Game

Battle Craft is a revolutionary and high-quality P&E NFT Game taking battles to the next space. Pilots of Spacecrafts compete against each other to win and earn in the space of Metaverse. Sky’s the limit and Battle Craft is another step towards a metaverse of opportunities and unlimited possibilities. Battle Craft NFT Game brings out the pilot in you to fly high in the Space for yourself to fulfil your dreams. Being on the Blockchain, Battle Craft brings you a competition to create your legacy in Space.

Battle Craft is a P&E and P2E NFT Game featuring a variety of spacecrafts for players to fly with their favorite pilot characters to compete in battles to win and earn. There will be a variety of battles to provide multiple opportunities to Battle Crafts’ players to compete, win, and earn. Battle Craft is based on a dual token system featuring $CHRG and $XCHRG powered by BNB Chain.

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